About Flying in the Face of Gravity

The Flying in the Face of Gravity series is a collection of books designed to empower every person

to achieve their greatest potential.

The series consists of three titles currently, with two more in the planning stages. The three published titles to date are as follows:

“Flying in the Face of Gravity – How to Break Free From a Negative Atmosphere and Live a Life of Abundance.”

300 pages, available at major retail outlets around the world.

“Anti-Gravity Logbook – Flying in the Face of Gravity Companion Workbook”

140 pages of practical exercises, reflection questions, and reader-developed activity log entries.

“Micro Victories – How to Crack the Code on Your Midlife Crisis by Harnessing the Power of Impulse.”

80 page e-book, available at the Amazon Kindle Store.


The books in the Flying in the Face of Gravity series are receiving extremely positive reviews. With his background in training, Tom Epperson knows how to provide you with the tools which will help you get beyond the theoretical, and put these practical strategies to work to benefit you in your personal and professional life.

Additional titles in the series which are currently in the planning stages are:

“Flying in the Face of Gravity for Kids”

“Teens Flying in the Face of Gravity.”

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Be sure to look around a little while you are here, and discover what it is about face of gravity.com which is drawing people’s interest. This is a site dedicated to overcoming the effects of negativity, and promoting abundance, especially as it relates to preventing the midlife crisis which is so common in this generation.
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