Tom On Radio

Tom wgiv cropped


Click below to listen to some of Tom’s guest appearances on radio in the U.S. and Canada



Tom Epperson on the “Help! My Midlife Sucks!” Show with Lori Dean, in British Columbia, Canada

Tom Epperson on The Moneywise Guys Show Bakersfield, CA

Tom Epperson on the Michael Dresser Show, Chicago IL

Tom Epperson on the Tim Nixon Show, Grand Rapids, MI

Tom Epperson on the “Mindful Marketing” Show with Kimberly Maska, Los Angeles, CA

Tom Epperson on Illuminations Media with Tamara Taesee, Los Angeles, CA

Tom Epperson on The Dr. Leslie Show WGIV 103.3 Charlotte, NC

Tom Epperson on the “What’s Happening” Show with Doug Wagner AM600, WMT Radio

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